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Dermatofibromas are a type of scar tissue that commonly present as firm pink to dark brown

nodules on the skin. They often present on the extremities such as the legs or arms, but can

appear anywhere on the skin.


Causes of Dermatofibroma


The exact cause of dermatofibroma is not known, but they often occur after a minor injury

such as an insect bite, splinter, or ingrown hair. 


Dermatofibromas are more common in women and the growths typically occur only in adults. 

There is no method for preventing dermatofibromas. 


Symptoms of Dermatofibroma


Dermatofibromas are small firm nodules that can be pink to dark brown in color. They are painless, but may become irritated or itchy. The raised lesions may also become aggravated and even bleed with shaving. 


The bumps can develop anywhere but are most common on the legs.


Diagnosing Dermatofibroma


A dermatologist can usually diagnose dermatofibromas from their characteristic appearance, but a biopsy may sometimes be done if there are questions about diagnosis. 


Since the largest portion of a dermatofibroma is deep under the skin surface, pinching the skin over the growth will create dimpling. 


Treatment of Dermatofibroma

In many cases, treatment is not necessary for a dermatofibroma. If the bump is painful or irritated, surgical removal is an option.


The growth can be removed in a dermatology clinic using local anesthesia, followed by excision and sutures. Because the portion of the bump below the surface is larger than the part visible, scarring will occur.


Other treatment options include shaving the top of the growth or removing the center and treating with liquid nitrogen. However, these treatments may only offer a temporary solution since the growth is likely to reappear eventually. 


Our doctors are board certified dermatologists who specialize in the evaluation and treatment of dermatofibromas and other skin lesions. 

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